Know This Before It’s Too Late: 4 Signs Your Roof Was Damaged By Storm

Storms especially hail storms can produce massive damage to your house. They can do serious damage to your roof, as a matter of it doesn’t matter how big hail is – what matter is how hard it comes down and how long it lasts. Once hail storm passes by, it is highly recommended to go outside and inspect damage.

Here are some steps to follow for overall inspection: –

1. Missing Things: First things first, granules can make up top layer of your shingles. Next, there is substrate layer as well, so when hail storm strikes – it can rub granules off your shingles. This, in turn, leaves substrate exposed- in case where hail is too strong, it can easily break through layers and reach to shingles. So, once you see granules missing or if they are rubbed off in recent storm, you would be able to see shiny layer of substrate. In case of granules goes missing, and substrate looks dull and old then perhaps it time to get a professional fix. It is recommended to reach out to best roofing and siding companies near me to find expert services.

2. Bruising: Next, it is possible that hail storm can end up bruising your shingles. Sometimes it can be hard to identify bruising to your shingles by simply ‘giving them a look’. In other words, you actually need to touch them to identify correctly. Sometimes it is strong hail which can actually leave massive depression on shingle. It can anywhere from about an inch in diameter to bigger sized depression. One way to identify that it is actually depression is that it might feel little soft and squishy. It is recommended to take time to repair damaged shingles to avoid any water leakage.

3. Cracks: It is possible that your shingles develop cracks after extremely strong hail storm. Hail storms can break through granules and substrate leaving behind circular cracks. It is common to observe half-circular cracks in worse cases there are full circular cracks. Needless to mention these cracks allows water to seep through shingles and under layer of your roof. Cracks can be plethora of different shapes, some vertical and while others horizontal. Sometimes cracks get developed due to normal wear and tear as well. So, it is essential to check regularly and if required go for affordable roofing company near me for quick assistance.

4. Dents: Last but not least roofs not only use shingles but they use flashing as well. Flashing is a material that is used in roof and around external structures. Flashing is generally found around various structures on top of your roof, for example, air vents, plumbing vents, dormers, chimney, etc. Many people use flashing in roof valley where two sides of your roof meet together. It is generally made out of metal material, for example, copper and tin. So, during hail storms, metal flashing can sometimes face dents. In case there are quite a number of dents in metal flashing then its integrity becomes doubtful. While facing dents make sure you find trusted roofers near me and get it fixed.

Wrapping Up

It can be unfortunate to face hail storms. Sometimes storms can cause more damage which can take both time and effort for repair. On other hand, some repairs need professional support as well. If your roof has suffered from any of aforementioned issue then make sure to get professional assistance. While trying to DIY fix your roof make sure to take proper pre-caution and use professional tools only.

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