Metal Roof Top 10 Must-Know Things by Roofing Contractors in Pennsylvania

What comes to your mind when someone says metal roofing? Is it that metal roofing is strong, durable, and reliable. If you thought about the same benefits; you are right. Metal roofing is now entering the mainstream. In other words, it has become a viable option for millions of homeowners around the world. Nowadays, with the help of professional roofing contractors in Pennsylvania, you can get shingle-style metal roofing products. These products are almost identical to traditional asphalt shingles roofs. In this post let’s take a look at the benefits of using metal roofing.

  1. Novelty: First and foremost, metal roofing is a high-end solution for homes. It doesn’t mean that only architect-designed homes can use metal roofing. Instead, it is increasingly used in conventional houses as well. Fortunately, metal roofing is increasing in availability, and its prices are affordable. Presently, 59% of all roofing contractors in Pennsylvania trust metal roofing.
  2. Install Over Existing Roof: Another benefit of using metal roofing is that you install it over your existing roof. In other words, there is no tearing off shingles. Not only is tearing the shingle off messy, but it also increases the cost of the job. To get metal roofing over the existing roof contact trusted roofers near me. It is a complex task that requires proper technique and experience.
  3. Less-Noise: One of the biggest lies about metal roofing is that they are noisy when it rains. The truth is far from it. When installed professionally, metal roofing is no noisier than any other type of roofing. To install metal roofing install it over a solid substrate. You can also use attic and insulation to provide a sound barrier.
  4. Lightning: Another misconception about using metal roofing is that it attracts lightning. This is born out of fact, but rumors. In a report by the metal construction association – metal roofing does not increase the risk of a lightning strike. Metal roofing is indeed an electrical insulator. The reason why metal roofs do not attract lightning is a simple one. Almost every time lightning seeks a path to the ground. That is why trees, telephone poles, and other similar structures tend to attract lightning. On the other hand, metal roofing are isolated structures, there is no direct path to the ground in their design.
  5. Cost-Effective: Most metal roofing products carry a warranty. Once installed a metal roof would work for 30 years. In practice, some metal roofs have been reported to last for 50 years. As per state farm insurance statistics – your metal roofing has a long age of 40-70 years. It is rare for homeowners to install more than one metal roof over a period of time. In comparison, homeowners are likely to replace an asphalt roofing two or sometimes even three times.
  6. Fire-Proof: Not only metal roofings are fire-proof, but they also keep insects such as termites away. Metal roofing offers complete protection against rot. These are only a few reasons why metal roofing exploded in popularity.
  7. Energy Efficient: As per industry studies, metal roofing reflects solar radiant heat. This phenomenon helps in reducing cooling costs by 10-25%. In regions where the cost of cooling is higher than heating, coating a metal roof with a shiny coat would maximize the reflective capacity. In other words, improve energy efficiency.
  8. Low Slopes: Believe it or not! But metal roofing can work with steep slopes. Metal roofing works fine on gently pitched roofs. This type of roofing is installed in large sheets that are tightened together to resist water. Some slope is necessary so that water can easily run-off. For most homes, metal roofing is a good option.
  9. Recyclable: Yes! Metal roofing is long-lasting. Yet! In a time of replacement, old metal roofing can be easily recycled. On the other hand, the old asphalt roofing is not easily recycled.
  10. Durable: Last but not least, metal roofing can take storms and severe hails. It is the most durable and maintenance-free roofing option. Metal roofing is nearly indestructible.

Wrapping Up

If you are thinking about DIY installing a metal roof then stop right there. Metal roofing installation requires experience and correct tools. It is highly recommended to take assistance from the best roofing company in Pennsylvania to get a proper finish on the new installation. Plus, you can use their service on the leaky gutter as well as for broken windows.

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