Roofing Contractors in Grove City: 3 Easy And Quick Ways To Clean Gutters Without A Ladder

Cleaning home gutters is a time-consuming process. It takes all your energy to clean debris that clogs gutters after heavy rain or storm. Performing the cleaning process without a ladder is no easy task. In short! You will need the right tools to do gutter cleaning. One of the solutions suggested by roofing and siding companies near me is a gutter vacuum cleaner. It is a high-pressure flusher especially designed to make it easy to clean gutters safety from ground level. You can even DIY gutter cleaning, or get the best roofing contractor in Grove city to do it for you at a minimal cost. In this post, let’s find out how to DIY gutter cleaning without using a ladder.

Option #1: Vacuuming Your Gutters

  1. Gutter Attachments: First and foremost, there are a plethora of manufactures that sell gutter-cleaning attachments. The designer’s gutter attachment fits over most standard shop vacuums. You can even attach them to a common leaf blower with a ‘reverse’ function. Typically, gutter attachments have C-shaped construction. This allows the user to hook them into the gutter from the ground level. All you need to do is put these gutter attachments onto the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner.
  2. Rig Up Your Gutter: The new gutter cleaning accessory is budget-friendly. In case, it is crossing your pocket budget, don’t worry! You can make one at home using inexpensive materials. Firstly, fit, wet/dry vacuum, or a leaf blower with an extension wand. Use two extensions to get the desired length. Next, use duct tape to join one end of the extension to another. This way you make it airtight. Ensure to use strong and lightweight extensions only.
  3. Attempt Gutter Cleaning: Now we are ready to attempt gutter cleaning using a gutter vacuum. In case, making a gutter vacuum doesn’t work for you then reach out to the best roofing and siding companies near me to get things done. Now take your gutter vacuum attachment up and over the edge of the gutter. This way the open end of the gutter rests at the bottom of the gutter. Now, whenever you are ready switch the gutter vacuum on. Stand far back at a comfortable cleaning distance.
  4. Run Along The Length: Slowly walk from one end of the gutter to another. Practice caution not to let the gutter attachment slip out of the grove. So when you are finished out of one section, move to the next. Use a powerful vacuum or leaf blower for strong suction. Only then it will be able to remove most of the dry debris.

Option #2: Cleaning Gutter With Gutter Flusher

  1. Shop At Local Hardware Store: You will need to shop for gutter flusher. It is a small, hook-shaped sprayer on a long pole. A good gutter flusher would cost you around $30-$50. It is also used by service providers who deliver affordable roof replacement in Pennsylvania. Also, it is super easy to use.
  2. Screw Tight Gutter Flusher Into A Hose: Use a gutter flusher and a standard hose nozzle. Fix the gutter flusher into the hose using screws. Now depending on the model you have, you might need another locking mechanism. In the end, make sure that the connection is secure and airtight.
  3. Turn On The Water: It is time to get the work done. Turn on the water and let it flow, it will move through the hose into the gutter flusher. When escaping from a nozzle in high-pressure it would blast out even the most stubborn debris.
  4. Sweep The Gutter: Lastly, slowly sweep the gutter. Once the powerful steam of water breaks clumps of compact organic material, you can easily remove smaller ones with just one sweep. Sweep once again if necessary.
    1. So, you want to clean the gutter manually. Or perhaps the aforementioned methods have failed you! Don’t worry – let checkout the manual process.

      Option #3: Manual Cleaning

      1. Pick a tong attachment
      2. Scrap dry debris out of your gutter
      3. Use a tong to scoop out decomposing debris
      4. Remove debris using a garbage bag

      Wrapping Up

      Best Roofing and Siding Companies Near Me solve home improvement problems! You can get the job done right for the first time! It is recommended to take care of your home gutter by scheduling periodic checks. In case clogged gutters are a constant problem consider installing some gutter guards.

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