Your Handy and Complete Guide On How To Install A Window in 2020

Energy-Efficiency is need of hour. Framing your living room and windows with style can add charm to your place. Perhaps it is time to replace old windows, or you are planning to install new window in a new home! It is highly recommended to take assistance from best roofing company in Grove City to save time and money. Before, you book your appointment here is what you need to know.

Keep reading to end if you want to DIY window replacement, repair or installation. Here you will find step-by-step instruction including how to measure, remove and install new window in your new dream home.

Warning: It is recommended to follow all safety protocols while installing windows. During complete installation process, you will be using some tools, make sure to be careful around sharp tools, always wear eye and hand protection. In case you are not sure how to DIY window installation, go for window installation companies in Grove City.

Measuring and Determining Needs

First things firsts, you need to figure out how to measure windows. So, to get exact height and width of window – use measuring tape. Take time and make sure to get correct measurement, this will save your time from having to sand the frame.
How to measure for replacement window?
1. You can start by measuring inside current frame, you must include height in the middle and left and right sides
2. Next, measure with width at top, middle, and bottom
3. Now write down measurement and use smaller measurements. Be careful, your new window must be ¾ – inches small than opening. This will help you avoid reframing window opening at time of installation

1. For low-maintenance, go for vinyl windows rather than wooden ones
2. Select tilt-in windows for easy cleaning
3. Seek out warranty and guarantee from manufacturer

Remove Existing Window

In case, replacing a damaged window, make sure to practice caution and avoid jagged glass. You can use painter’s tape to cover any cracks, prevent shards from falling during this process.

Dry Fitting

You have reached this step; it means window is out of wall. Now you can check the window jamb and investigate any structural damage. Replace damaged area if any. Now you have to center the new window in opening.
1. Support new windows with wooden blocks
2. Make it sure that window is leveled (adjust if necessary)
3. Clamp or take help of a friend and hold moulding in place
4. You can also install J-channel to hold trim
5. Cut siding along outline
6. Start cut with toe of saw plate
7. Slide back saw guard
8. Avoid Splintering
9. Complete corner cuts
10. Caulk around moulding

Levelling Window

1. To set window into opening, push brick mold against sheathing
2. Double-check to see how much adjustment is required.

Checking Window and Pre-Drill Holes

1. Measure window diagonals
2. If equal, window is square. If not, adjust until window is square.
3. Repeat step 2 (if required)
4. Window has brick mold, if yes, then pre-drill holes through it and into framing
5. Window has a nailing fin, if yes, nail through it into framing
6. Either care, start at corner and space remaining nails
7. Drive all nail head below surface (use nail set)

Apply Caulk

1. Now use a circular saw
2. Cut the toe of saw plate on sliding
3. Slide saw guard back
4. Start the saw and ease the blade into wood
5. Avoid Splintering
6. Complete the corner cuts
7. Cut a length of drip edge
8. Fit it over the window
9. Using brick mold, if yes, apply a continuous bead of caulk
10. Using nailing fin, if yes, apply caulk on back of fin.

Installing Window

1. Place widow into opening, press it tightly against caulk
2. Put Shim in pre-drilled holes
3. Drive screws into holes
4. Check window is levelled
5. Add shim (if needed)

Wrapping Up

Lastly, all you need to do is trim shims and fill gaps between the window jams with fiberglass insulation. You can paint your window once caulk dries. If you are planning to repair your window then get assistance with Best Roofing Company in Grove City. Some repairs can be challenging and need professional touch.

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