Your Quick Guide On How To Protect Window From A Hurricane: Best Roofing Company In Grove City

Climate change is real. The change is increasing the severity of hurricanes around the world. So, in case you live along a coastline, it is essential to proactively prepare your home windows. On one hand, you can go for a cheap DIY fix. For example, hurricane film, or plywood covers. Checkout a variety of options available both online and offline like metal, plastic, or fabric to cover windows. On other hand, best roofing contractors in Grove City suggest using high-impact glass to protect windows. In this post, let’s look into our options to protect windows from a hurricane.

Cheap Protection On Windows

  1. Plywood Cover: First and foremost, plywood is cheap and it is a very popular option for covering windows. Choose plywood sheets that are at least 1.6cm thick. Next, measure all your windows. Always cut the plywood so that it extends to around 20cm past the window in each direction. Next install the plywood, cover your window before the storm. You can use bolts, screws, window clips, and even barrel bolts.
    – attaching plywood to window frame will also help in preventing flying debris
    – once installed plywood, get best roofing company in Grove City to lift heavy panels
    – Plywood is not common in many areas, it can also lower your insurance premiums.
  2. Use Hurricane Films: Hurricane films are super affordable and transparent plastic. You can leave it in place for a year around. Also, measure that perimeter of the window before buying films. Now cover each windowpane entirely. To put on the hurricane film, peel the film off its backing and then stick it slowly to your window panes to avoid air bubbles.
    – Hurricane film does not prevent your window frame from blowing off, however it will protect you from glass shards. Moreover, hurricane film will keep wind out of your house
    – Hurricane premium is not lowered when you use hurricane film
  3. Keep Window Closed: During hurricanes do not open windows. In case if a window is opened, close it to avoid pressure in your house. Keep the pressure from the hurricane out of your home.
  4. Avoid Using Duct Tape: Although duct tape has quite a lot of use. But, there is a common misunderstanding about hurricane safety. Putting duct tape in a “X” or grid formation over a window for reinforcement is waste of time, energy, and duct tape. In other words, duct tape offers zero protection from a hurricane.

Permanent Storm Protections

  1. Metal Storm Shutters: Best roofing and siding companies near me suggest to use storm shutters or panels. You can buy storm shutters in aluminium, steel or reinforced plastic. In a recent interview, roofing contractors in Grove city shared that plastic is more expensive. Bit, it also allows light to come in, so you won’t be left in darkness. In case of a hurricane blow of the light system; using a plastic shutter could prove to be more beneficial.
  2. Professional Assistance: While installing shutters, hire best roofing and siding companies near for extra support. Measure the window height and shutter height. Subtract window height from panel height, now divide results by 2. You can bolt H track that number of inches above the window opening. Next install, F track in the full lenght of the panel just below H track.
  3. Invest In Fabric Storm Panels: Next, fabric storm panels can be more expensive than metal or plastic options. The benefits of investing in fabric panels is that once mounted, they can be very easily put up on a short notice. In other words, after a storm warning, it is easy to put up fabric panels. Moreover, they are lightweight, and you can also put them down without any help.

Wrapping Up

Lastly, window installation companies in Grove city also use impact-resistant glass in two-paned glass. The glass also has a protective middle layer. Yes! They cost you more than a regular window, but it will also protect your home during strong winds, hurricanes, and would contribute in lowering your heating as well as air-conditioning bills. Once purchased, get home window restoration service in Pennsylvania to give you an all-new window.

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