Your Ultimate Guide To Gutter Guards And Including 5 Different Types

“There is plethora of ways in which gutters serve their essential function of protecting your home from any type of water damage. During rainy season – overflowing water can cause serious damage to walls and interiors. So, when your gutters go clogged with debris then it becomes essential to clean them. You might notice that water can sag into roof causing damage to it. This is serious water damage and can lead to structural damage. While facing such challenge – make sure to have gutter guards. It is convenient and affordable way to protect your investment”. – Rob Gray, interior designer.

Here is list of top five gutter type from best roofing company in Pennsylvania: –

Brush Guards

First things first, there is Brush Gutter Guards – made from bristles, you can easily recognise one as it resembles giant pipe cleaner. It fits right inside your gutters. You can use this guard in upright position keeping leaves and other debris out and on top of gutter. So, now rainwater can easily move through your gutters. One of benefits of brush gutter guard is that they can be relatively easy to install. It is highly recommended to keep brush gutter guards clean.

Form Guards

Basically, this type of gutter guard is easy to use, it is a form piece that actually fits inside your gutters. So, having this type of guard in place simple stops any kind of debris from building up inside gutters. Foam gutter guards can be easy to install. You can DIY it at home without any professional help. But, make sure to choose your form guards only after proper research. It is cheap and worthy option. Moreover, this gutter guard is easy to maintain.

Reverse Guards

Using reverse guard or as it knows as surface tension gutter guards in local markets – they are designed to move rainwater down. Reverse guards allow water to come down – debris and leaves also fall on ground rather than getting collects in gutters. It is highly recommended to get best gutter repair and installation professional to work. It is one of comfortable and easy solutions. Moreover, they are better as compared to other options.

Screen Guards

Now these are screens that have large opening which fits on top of your gutters. You can easily DIY install them at home or talk support from professionals. One of biggest reasons why people choose screen guards is that they are easy to install. Moreover, they are affordable. It is one of suitable options, just make sure to clean your gutters once in a while.


In micro-mesh gutter guard, there are tiny holes barely visible to a naked eye. This gutter guard is made of stainless steel and helps in allows water to go through while keeping debris out. One of benefit of using micro mesh is its warranty and ability to permanently solve clogged gutters problem. It is recommended to get one professionally installed. They are best of gutter protection. It is ideal option in case you are looking of a maintenance-free system.

Wrapping Up

There you go, aforementioned is top five types of gutter guards for your home. Additionally, make sure to look for a system with an aluminium frame, avoid plastic frames. Make sure that your gutter guard does not disturb your roof and lastly pick your guard by keeping in mind different types of clogs.

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